TWO SISTERS | 2xLP / 2xCD Late Music September 2022

ANTIPHONALSLP / CD / cassette Late Music September 2021

CANTUS, DESCANT | 2xLP / 2xCD Late Music September 2020

PALE BLOOMLP / CD Superior Viaduct / W25TH June 2019

GAVE IN RESTLP / CD Ba Da Bing! September 2018

LET NIGHT COME ON BELLS END THE DAY | LP / CD | Late Music / Recital April 2018

ALL MY CIRCLES RUNLP / CD Late Music / Students of Decay March 2017

VERGERSLP Late Music / Important Records November 2016

DOMINIONSLP Late Music / JAZ Records April 2016

BARONS COURTLP Late Music / Students of Decay February 2015


A WOMAN ESCAPESoriginal film score | 2022

MOTHER OF PEARL | LP, collaboration with Sean McCann Recital November 2021

"SEGMENT U"single, CD Curious Music | Moebius Strips compilation, 2021

"CURVED FORM NO. 11 (REMIX)" single, digital | August 2021

CANTUS FIGURES LAURUS5-CD box set | Late Music | May 2021

LAURUScassette | Late Music | December 2020

FIGURES IN OPEN AIR2xCD Late Music November 2020

"LIVE AT WESTERN FRONT" single, digital Ever New compilation, 2020

"ROSE HUE (REMIX)" single, digital | Insitu Recordings compilation, 2020

PAPERSbook Recital June 2020

GATHERScassette Boomkat Editions May 2020

FIVE CADENCES​ EP, digital self-released May 2020

HORAE EP, digital self-released March 2020

"MARION" single, LP Temporary Residence Ltd. compilation, 2020

"COMPOSITION OF FLOWERS" single, digital Dublab, Modern Composition L.A. radio series, 2020

INTEMPOREL LP, collaboration with Ariel Kalma Black Sweat Records May 2019

"SYBIL" single, LP Ghostly International compilation, 2019

"UNTITLED, LIVE IN PORTLAND" single, LP Late Night Tales compilation, 2019

FOR HARPSICHORD / FOR PIPE ORGAN AND STRING TRIO CD Late Music / Boomkat Editions December 2017

UNTITLED cassette Aventures September 2017

"CHAPARRAL" single, CD Sequel compilation, 2017

"ON SLOW" single, CD Magnetic Records compilation, 2016

QUALITIES OF BODIES PERMANENT cassette | Late Music / Constellation Tatsu April 2015

QUALITIES OF BODIES PERMANENT EP seven-inch Summe April 2015

NEUSTADT / ALTSTADT EP cassette Late Music / Students of Decay February 2015

AUGUST HARP cassette Late Music / Cassauna April 2014

"AS THE MORNING" single, CD Air Texture compilation, 2014

THE UNTUNING OF THE SKY cassette Late Music / Full Spectrum June 2013