Untitled  (in progress)  for violin, cello, bass clarinet, bass trombone, percussion, ondes Martenot, fixed electronics; 45-60’      No Hay Banda commission


Untitled  (in progress)  for string quartet, woodwind quartet, electronic drones; tuned in just intonation; 60’      Apartment House commission


Graduals  (in progress)  for eight cellos and two sine tones; 40’      Cello Octet Amsterdam commission


Feedback Studies for Percussion  (2022)  for two amplified pianos, tuned gongs, Almglocken, tubular bells; 20’      Yarn/Wire commission


Long Gradus  (2020-21)  for string quartet or any ensemble of four similar instruments; tuned in just intonation; variable 20' - 70’      Quatuor Bozzini commission      recording (excerpt)


Icon Studies I  (2021)  for string quartet, woodwind trio, drone; tuned in just intonation; 15’


Icon Studies II  (2021)  for string quartet; tuned to meantone temperament; 15’

Alas, Departing  (2021)  for four-voice choir; 10’


En Bas Tu Vois  (2021)  for four trombones; tuned in just intonation; 15’


Music For A Holding Space  (2021)  for electric organ, violin, cello, bassoon, four-voice choir; variable 10' - 50’      Bonner Kunstverein commission

If It Pleased Me To Appear To You Wrapped In This Drapery  (2017-18)  for reed organ, violin, viola da gamba; variable 25' or 50’


Perfumes II  (2018)  for piano and two countertenor voices; 10'


Perfumes III  (2018)  for acoustic and/or electric organ, piano; 10’


Stile Vuoto  (2018)  for pipe organ and string trio; 15’      Organ Reframed commission


In The Grand Luxe Hall  (2016)  for amplified cello and sine tones; variable 20' - 40’      Western Front New Music commission     recording (excerpt)


Lyke Wake Dirge  (2016)  for pipe organ, viola da gamba, fixed electronics; 45’      Innovations en concert commission


Gentle So Gentle  (2015)  for synthesizer and two violins; 20’


Heliotrope  (2012)  for viola, cello, flute, oboe; 10’

- SOLO -

Dust of Earth  (2022)  for pipe organ; 10'      Canadian International Organ Competition commission


Feedback Studies for Piano  (2022)  for amplified piano and fixed electronics; 30’


Harmonies in Grey  (2021)  for pipe organ; 25’


Harmonies in Green  (2021)  for pipe organ; 10’


Harmonies in Bronze  (2021)  for pipe organ; 10’


Vanity of Ages  (2021)  for pipe organ; tuned to meantone temperament; 10’


Hall of Mirrors  (2020-21)  for carillon and sine tones; 6’


Lower Visions II  (2021)  for electric organ; variable 15' or 45’      New Works Calgary commission


Lower Visions III  (2021)  for pipe organ and electronic drones; 20’      New Works Calgary commission


Lower Visions IV  (2021)  for modular synthesizer; 25’


Chorus Scene  (2020)  for harpsichord; tuned to meantone temperament; 5’


First Cadence  (2020)  for pipe or reed organ / for Mellotron and tape echo; 10’


Gathers III  (2020)  for piano; 10’


Gathers IV  (2020)  for Mellotron and tape echo; 15’


Gathers V  (2020)  for electric organ and tape echo; 15’

Diaphonia Basilica  (2018-19)  for pipe organ; 15’


Midlands  (2018-19)  for reed organ; 10’


Stations  (2019)  for pipe organ; tuned to meantone temperament; 20’


Hanging Gardens  (2019)  for pipe organ; 10’


Composition of Flowers  (2018)  for synthesizer and tape echo; 50’


Auster  (2017)  for two recorders; 10’


Gloaming  (2017)  for piano, synthesizer, tape echo; 6’


Accord of Voice I  (2017)  for pipe organ, 10’


At Hand  (2016)  for electric organ; 10’


Hours in the Evening  (2016)  for electric organ; 45’


For Organ  (2015)  for electric organ; 10’

Tiergarten  (2013)  for synthesizer, 10’


Welkin  (2011-12)  for pipe organ and fixed electronics, 25’     recording


Oscen  (2019)  for 30-piece orchestra, fixed electronics; 30’      BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra commission

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