Untitled  (in progress)  for violin, cello, bass clarinet, bass trombone, percussion, ondes Martenot, fixed electronics   45 - 60’      No Hay Banda commission


Untitled  (in progress)  for string quartet, woodwind quartet, electronic drones; tuned in just intonation   60’      Apartment House commission


Untitled  (in progress)  for two violas, two cellos, flute, bass flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, fixed electronics; tuned in just intonation   30’      Wild Up commission


Graduals  (in progress)  for eight cellos and two sine tones   40’      Cello Octet Amsterdam commission


Feedback Studies for Percussion  (2022)  for two amplified pianos, tuned gongs, Almglocken, tubular bells   20’      Yarn/Wire commission


Long Gradus  (2020-21)  for string quartet or any ensemble of four similar instruments; tuned in just intonation   variable 20' - 70’      Quatuor Bozzini commission      recording (excerpt)


O World and the Clear Song  (2021)  for one or two pipe organs and one or two bass flutes, with or without electronic drone   15’


Icon Studies I  (2021)  for string quartet, woodwind trio, drone; tuned in just intonation   15’


Icon Studies II  (2021)  for string quartet; tuned to meantone temperament   15’

Alas, Departing  (2021)  for four-voice choir   10’


En Bas Tu Vois  (2021)  for four trombones; tuned in just intonation   15’


Music For A Holding Space  (2021)  for electric organ, violin, cello, bassoon, four-voice choir   variable 10' - 50’      Bonner Kunstverein commission

First Cadence  (2020)  for any ensemble of six woodwind or muted brass instruments   15’


If It Pleased Me To Appear To You Wrapped In This Drapery  (2017-18)  for reed organ, violin, viola da gamba   variable 25' or 50’


Perfumes II  (2018)  for piano and two countertenor voices   10'


Perfumes III  (2018)  for acoustic and/or electric organ, piano   10’


Stile Vuoto  (2018)  for pipe organ and string trio   15’      Organ Reframed commission


In The Grand Luxe Hall  (2016)  for amplified cello and sine tones   variable 20' - 40’      Western Front New Music commission     recording (excerpt)


Lyke Wake Dirge  (2016)  for pipe organ, viola da gamba, fixed electronics   45’      Innovations en concert commission


Gentle So Gentle  (2015)  for synthesizer and two violins   20’


Heliotrope  (2012)  for viola, cello, flute, oboe   10’

- SOLO -

Dust of Earth  (2022)  for pipe organ   10'      Canadian International Organ Competition commission


Feedback Studies for Piano  (2022)  for amplified piano and fixed electronics   30’


Harmonies in Grey  (2021)  for pipe organ   25’


Harmonies in Green  (2021)  for pipe organ   10’


Harmonies in Bronze  (2021)  for pipe organ   10’


Vanity of Ages  (2021)  for pipe organ; tuned to meantone temperament   10’


Hall of Mirrors  (2020-21)  for carillon and sine tones   6’


Lower Visions II  (2021)  for electric organ   variable 15' or 45’      New Works Calgary commission


Lower Visions III  (2021)  for pipe organ and electronic drones   20’      New Works Calgary commission


Lower Visions IV  (2021)  for modular synthesizer   25’


Chorus Scene  (2020)  for harpsichord; tuned to meantone temperament   5’


First Cadence  (2020)  for any sustaining keyboard instrument, with or without electronic delay   10’


Gathers III  (2020)  for piano   10’


Gathers IV  (2020)  for Mellotron and tape echo   15’


Gathers V  (2020)  for electric organ and tape echo   15’

Diaphonia Basilica  (2018-19)  for pipe organ   15’


Midlands  (2018-19)  for reed organ   10’


Stations  (2019)  for pipe organ; tuned to meantone temperament   20’


Hanging Gardens  (2019)  for pipe organ   10’


Composition of Flowers  (2018)  for synthesizer and tape echo   50’


Auster  (2017)  for two recorders   10’


Gloaming  (2017)  for piano, synthesizer, tape echo   6’


Accord of Voice I  (2017)  for pipe organ   10’


At Hand  (2016)  for electric organ   10’


Hours in the Evening  (2016)  for electric organ   45’


For Organ  (2015)  for electric organ   10’

Tiergarten  (2013)  for synthesizer   10’


Welkin  (2011-12)  for pipe organ and fixed electronics   25’     recording


Oscen  (2019)  for 30-piece orchestra, fixed electronics   30’      BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra commission

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